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Wastewater treatment area unit 58 Dung Quat Oil Refinery 


Aluminum smelter 



PEPSICO industrial parks in Tra Noc




Project of first 90-metre water jack-up platform base in Vietnam



Dinh Vu fiber plant, Hai Phong 




 First Solar energy battery factory, Dong Nam industrial park 




The Thi Vai LPG cold storage project 




Upgrade and Expansion Project of Habac Nitrogenous Fertilizer Plan

Letters of thanks and Wishing to customers for New Year Spring 2013

altDear our customers,
On the occasion of the New Year, on behalf of the Board of Directors and all employees of the company, Rong Viet Mechanical Engineering, we sincerely wish my customers with your family will have a lot of HAPPY - LUCK - PROSPERITY.


Rong Viet is in project of Vinamilk dairy

     In August 5, the leadership of the company visited and paid salary to our workers in project of Vinamilk dairies, as well as encouraged people to accelerate to keep up with the process of WEMIX system of plant according to the schedule of works....


The inauguration ceremony of RONG VIET Mechanical Engineering Company Limited


On 06/04/2012 RONG VIET Mechanical Engineering Company Limited conducted the inauguration ceremony with a large range of partners, friends and businesses. The ceremony took place in the solemn atmosphere and successful end. RONG VIET is really the trust of a lot of partners and customers, promises to bring more success in the future. Here are some pictures of the board of the company.