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Wastewater treatment area unit 58 Dung Quat Oil Refinery 


Aluminum smelter 



PEPSICO industrial parks in Tra Noc




Project of first 90-metre water jack-up platform base in Vietnam



Dinh Vu fiber plant, Hai Phong 




 First Solar energy battery factory, Dong Nam industrial park 




The Thi Vai LPG cold storage project 




Upgrade and Expansion Project of Habac Nitrogenous Fertilizer Plan



                                                       1.  Vision
    Since its establishment, Rong Viet Mechanical Engineering Company Limited has defined its vision and mission, to take the first sure step, laying a solid foundation for the later development of the company. The company always strives to become a leader, a business with long experience in the field of installation, technical mechanical processing equipment. We are always working hard to build a reputable brand name, a trusted address for each customer as well as to deliver the best quality to Rong Viet closer to each partner.
                                                         2.  Mission
  -  Rong Viet satisfies the maximum benefit of customers on the basis of providing the most superior products, more convenient and competitive cost.
   -  Rong Viet really cares and benefits for workers, not only by policies, adequate salary, but also by the conditions of professional development, advancement opportunities, as well as the opportunities to participate in the management and jointly own business through the sale of stock and share.
   -  Rong Viet creates and improves sustainable value for shareholders and investors based on the transparency of finance and profession of organizations.
    -  Rong Viet brings value to the community, to the society and at the same time commits to make good financial obligations to the state budget.
                                                          3.  Target
   -  Always strive to be available to most of the major projects in the nation and many foreign countries, such as gas, electricity, fertilizer... the products are the device, technological pipes, steel structure...
   -  Constantly improve technology, improve productivity and product quality.
   -  Consider that customers are the basis orientation of all activities, building long-term relationships, trust, and mutual respect.
   -  Build an elite team in which all members in the company are solidary because of the future of Rong Viet.
                                                           4.  Orientation of development
    -  Annual revenue growth rate increases stably.
    -  Expand the scope of domestic and foreign customers.
    -  Provide the best products on the market.
    -  The incomes of all members of the company associated with the growth of the company, the opportunities for getting involved in the share of the company.